Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I wish I could have been as glam as the watercolor by Inslee picking out yummy French Pastries, but truly... the cobblestone in Le Merais was absurd! I could hardly walk in my Keds without rolling my ankle. However, if I could have been dressed like that (and it wasn't raining the day we went) I would have worn something exactly like that. There's something very special and charming about going into a Patisserie and deciding what you want, partially because I could have ate the entire store, and partially because there were too many goodies to choose from; I'm pretty sure by the end of my trip I had only tried 75% of what they made. Everyday I went to go and buy a little snack and I honestly stood there looking at all the freshly made pastries for 10 minutes each time deciding what I wanted. The weight gain was worth every euro and although I wish I could make myself a crepe every morning, it makes me even more nostalgic to go back sooner rather than later.

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