Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back to School

I can't believe it is already the start of another school year, I bet you can't either. The first few weeks of school are a whirlwind, but are always full of excitement. You're meeting new people, and catching up with all your old friends after being apart for the summer. The best part (in my opinion) is buying new clothes and showing them off to all the new people you see on campus while out walking to class, walking through greek town, or at bars downtown.
The first day of class outfit, however, is sometimes tricky. You want to make an impression on the students around you, but also make a great first impression on your professor, or teacher assistant, and look professional. This outfit is perfect for meeting with a professor. It's important to maintain comfort and style while going from class to class and a simple graphic T-shirt, and wide leg trousers is a great combination. The flat shoe and circled colored sunnies add a little funk to the outfit and shows this fashionista's individuality, something that a professor would definitely remember you by- hint hint.
One Simple Change: Not all campuses are as hot as the University of Missouri, so if your campus is a little chilly, add a jean jacket then swap out the flats for combat boots and you'll have a fall weather friendly outfit!
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