Sunday, February 3, 2013

Morning After: Fashion Notes

For the lucky girls, you may have made it home last night, got into bed, forgot to take your makeup off, and then when you wake up you look like the grudge with makeup all over your face. For the unfortunate girls, you probably didn't even make it home, and you've passed out somewhere with your Christian Louboutin heels are still on, with a half a box of cold pizza sticking to your cheek. Either way, you probably look like a disaster, and feel like one too. 
Put on some blackout sunglasses -Wintour style- and pop two Advil, because what i'm going to explain to you is some remedies for the pounding headache, ringing in your ears and the massive black circles under your eyes that make you look like a dead raccoon. If you're attempting to read this hungover and your squinting your eyes to read the screen hanging on for dear should probably lie down and take a cat nap. For those of you who are reading this thinking, "I might need this is the future" read up my friends. Read. it. up.

So, you have your sunglasses, and may or may not have popped two Advil, good news, you're already halfway there

If you are not home and it's a strange environment, or a boys apartment: 

If you're with a guy, don't sweat it. Head to the bathroom and look for mouthwash, face wash, his deodorant, and Chapstick (If he has hair gel take that out too.) 

Wash Face, and AROUND eyes, then clean up mascara under your eyes. 
Gargle with mouthwash
Use toilet paper and wipe the top of the deodorant
Apply Chapstick to lips and cheeks it will add a dewy look. 

*If your hair is out of control, -like you curled it- wet it and use a brush to comb through it and put a LITTLE gel in to tame it. 

NEXT: The shirt dress! 
1. Button shirt up to middle 
2. Remove arms from sleeves 
3. Pull shirt up until the middle buttoned button is around breast area 
4. Wrap sleeves around waist and tie to your desire
If you've made it home and have 10 min to get somewhere:

Go to your kitchen and get two spoons and stick them in the freezer and leave it there while you follow what I tell you to do with your makeup. 

Red Lip stain not coming off? - put baking soda and a lemon on your lips and rub your lips together then scrub it off with your tooth brush. 

Teased hair won't come out? - 
comb back the bird nest into a cute ponytail with a headband.
There's an unwanted mark on your neck...
Don't panic, or maybe do, I don't know, I'm just here to help you cover it up. Do not apply globs of concealer on it, and NO do not wear a turtle neck sweater. Maybe a scarf though... ok, ok back on track. If you have one, use a green concealer stick first, it will neutralize the color. Now apply a quarter size dab of concealer on the spot and put some powder over it. 

After washing your face, before applying moisturizer put some aloe under your eyes, apply concealer where needed, and put on a little powder on your face.

 GO TO THE KITCHEN and place the frozen spoons on your eyes and hold for 5 seconds 3X, after you've done this apply mascara and VOLIA! 

by: Ally Straussner

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