Tuesday, July 8, 2014

First Night Out

From February 4th 2014 --

"Yesterday was incredible. I walked around the Latin Quarter and went thrift shopping with all of the other students. My favorite store was called "Kilo" *it's where I bought almost all my scarves (besides the ones I bought at my local street market) while I was in Paris. All of us walked around for a few hours taking in the views. Later in the day we met up, got some wine and met up at the Eiffel Tower. We sat and talked and waited for the tower to light up, in the freezing cold I might add, but it couldn't have been any more perfect for my first night out in Paris.

Although the beauty of the city is captivating... sometimes I find myself thinking, "this isn't exactly how I pictured it." However, I believe that the allure of discovering a new place in reality, not seeing it in photos or watching it on TV,  is one of the most charming experiences. You are able to truly grasp the culture and even the flaws that come with it."

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