Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bonjour & Goodbye

That's me!
Photo by: Ally Straussner 

Paris is over! Europe is over! I am back home now and although I didn't have time to blog, I did take an obscene amount of photos. I also decided to write in a journal just so I could see the writing and keep the book forever. I thought it might be fun to go back through my adventure here and to share with the world since I was so horrible at putting it up as everything was happening. It will be like you were right there with me. So, I am starting at the end and going to the beginning so I can enjoy the moments all over again before they fade into a distant memory.

This photo was taken a week before I left. My girlfriends and I had a mini photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower and it was completely bittersweet. I had passed the monument every single day and, I never thought I would say this, but it just became something I took for granted. My apartment was not even a block away from the park, I saw it sparkle every night. The first month I just couldn't wrap my head around the fact that this is how people lived everyday, how lucky they are!

After a while though, I would walk home and sometimes not a thought would cross my mind that I was just strolling past the tower. Then one day a few days before I left I decided to go and sit in the park alone and really enjoy it. I bought a crepe, sat for a while and even made a new friend. There, I realized the beauty. It was something that was supposed to be only temporary, but stayed standing because it brought so many people together and made them happy! Just sitting there waiting for 9pm just so I could watch 5 minutes of it sparkling was sometimes the highlight of my day.

The last night I saw it sparkle I waited up until midnight because I kept missing it. I walked into the kitchen and from the window I watched the top half of it say goodbye all the sparkles giving me bisous (kisses).


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