Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Adventures in Paris

Paris. The city of light. The city of love. The city of...i'm tired. 

I realize now why parisians need that jolt of espresso! I am exhausted. It's taking a lot of energy to write this, but I know this post is way overdue and so many of you keep asking about my travels, so here it is...

First of all...I'm finally acquainted with the city, which is pretty amazing. Walking everywhere is incredibly easy (the metro sometimes freaks me out) even though it makes me tired..because I know I am walking off that pain au chocolat I just ate for breakfast. Sometimes what people don't realize is that they are spending half their time underground the city, when really they should be out walking! Trust me, I just walked from the Jardin des Tulleries in POURING rain without an umbrella (of course) because I wanted to catch people outside of Ellie Saab show for fashion week. I didn't let anyone see me by the way...that would have been so embarrassing. But I walked from there to where I live, the 15th arrondissement, right next to La Tour Eiffel. Pretty decent 30 walk in the rain. Anyways, like I said in my previous post, fashion week was a dream. I actually ended up going to a 3rd show TER et BANTINE on Sunday. As I say that casually like it's not a big deal.. but here are some pictures!

Photos by me


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