Saturday, September 21, 2013

Talking Fashion With Aimee Mullins

Wednesday night Delta Gamma, as well as the rest of the Mizzou community, had the wonderful opportunity to welcome actress, model and olympian, Aimee Mullins, for their annual values and ethics lectureship. If you have never heard of Aimee, she is a double amputee due to a medical condition she had as a child. She is now one of the most influential women in prosthetic invention and is a role model to all.  
Being a part of Delta Gamma, I had the chance to interview Aimee one-on-one and talk to her particularly about the topic I love most -fashion. 

I was a little intimidated since she's beyond gorgeous in person. I held back from asking every detail about what makeup she used for her flawless face since I was pressed for time. 
What I really wanted to ask her about was ALEXANDER MCQUEEN. 
She walked her first show for him and was his muse. Amazing right...? 

"I got lucky I guess. Everything I do I seem to just jump right off  into the deep end. My first runway show was McQueen, not many models can say that." explained Mullins. 
As I stood there smiling like a goof, I couldn't help but think that this amazing woman I was talking to had the good fortune of not only meeting one of the most renowned designers of my generation, but was able to walk in one of his shows, and becoming his muse for a few years after that. 
"He was by far my favorite designer, and the brand still is" Mullins said, "His work was so tailored. His corsets make your spine stand a little taller - I love that. Most importantly, he knew exactly how to design for a woman's body." 
She explained in detail of the fabrics. How rich and luxurious they were, and how they were only from the best fabric houses across Europe. 

"Have you been to Europe?" She asked.
"No." I simply replied, "But I am in the Spring." 
"Where are you thinking about going?" She questioned.
"Paris or Florence, I can't decide." I mumbled like an idiot. 

"Go to Paris." She said without hesitation. 

I swallowed a gulp of air, and nodded then asked the last question I had on my mind.

"what piece of clothing can you not live without?" I asked. 
"Jeans. Stretchy jeans." She laughed.

And that ladies describes her in a nutshell. She is a beautiful, successful, intelligent woman whose item could have been something like a Chanel jacket, and she says stretchy jeans. 

Remember: nothing is more attractive than being a down-to-earth person.  

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