Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby

All the hype of the Great Gatsby is slowly coming to a hum, but what will you take away from the tremendously gorgeous attire from the cast?

White is the new statement color.

White accessories, including but not limited to: scarves, purses, jewelry, shoes, nails, etc. Anything white is a must this summer. The angelic, airy feel of putting on a white chiffon top, or cotton button-down makes anyone feel like a million dollars.

If you want a similar look to Gatsby or Daisy from the film, try doing a white on white ensemble, and add simple pieces like a pearl necklace or seersucker blazer over a button-down.

We want simple shapes and silhouettes for this season. Drop waists, shift, sheath and box shapes are in style as well as monochromatic looks for the day, and some fun sparkle filled dresses for night. 

Old romance is the theme for this season, and it doesn't come around often so embrace it! 

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  1. Stunning, great post! :D

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