Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ally Straussner - the moment - @OscarPRgirl



I can remember the exact moment when I realized I had found passion in something enough to want to pursue it as a career. It wasn’t by doing something, but by a person who influenced me immensely. Her name is Erika Bearman, however at the time I only knew her name as @OscarPRgirl. She is witty, and glamorous, smart and very influential. Well, that’s how I pictured her at least. I’ve never met Erika because she is the voice behind the @OscarPRgirl Twitter handle. Erika Bearman is the right hand woman for one of the most prestigious fashion designers in the world. Oscar De La Renta. Her name gives away that she is the PR girl for Oscar; however, she does so much more than that. She writes, photographs, tweets, and uses every kind of social media platform to help brand ODLR in the right light. Other designers have caught on to the PR Girl trend. They started to realize that hiring a fashionable woman who can use multimedia platforms in a PR way is extremely beneficial to the company’s expansion. I learned this early freshman year of high school, and ever since have made sure I start branding my name in hope one day I could do the same. Being from small suburb outside of Chicago, I have always enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the city life. It inspires me. I love being around people, seeing the way they interact with other people, what they are wearing, and how they hold themselves. Starting this fashion blog not only has become a creative outlet for me, but it has also become a huge learning experience. I created a webpage all my own -granted Blogger helped with HTML, and design- but I also had to learn how to create everything myself i.e taking photos and using a DSLR camera for the first time. But it’s not just the technical things. I learned how to brand something that was important to me. I had to learn quickly what my target audience wanted to read, as well as what I enjoyed writing about that was also significant, timely, and newsworthy through quick changing seasons, trends, and fads. I'm still learning, and being a full time college student is exhausting  - so bear with me. I can't wait for that one day I end up doing something similar to Erika, and if she's reading this....thanks girl, you made me realize pursuing my dream can be a reality if I work hard enough for it. 
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  1. If you have the drive and passion you can accomplish anything. Keep it up and great read!


  2. THat's awesome that you found inspiration in here. She really has paved the way and shows the best way to utilize all platforms for your brand. You did a wonderful job designing your blog. Now following via GFC and Bloglovin.



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