Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Street Art

blur blur blur 

CRAZzZzY Colors

I, by all means, love art in all forms. However, I especially love street art because you don't expect it; it just pops up when you least expect it. This was the inspiration that I found today in East Village, Chicago. The sensation of neon yellow has been popping up & the works of art on the street-side eluded just that. Pops of color in a magnificent way. It reminds me of the 80's, yet embodying it with a futuristic psychedelic portrayal. 

Now, what I'm wearing, of course, is all black &  is completely opposite.  I'm wearing a Guess leather quilted jacket, with Zara black leggings with gold zippers (that you cannot see) which are also the best pair of leggings I own! On my feet are some Steve Madden Boots, which I am sure you're more than familiar with, and then the knit hat is from Forever21.com ! 


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