Monday, November 10, 2014

Movie Review

Let's get down and nerdy with it.

I have always had a fascination with space. I mean, don't we all? The different galaxies (far, far away), billions and billions of stars and other planets we can only imagine what they encompass.
I just recently saw the movie Interstellar.
My roommates thought I was weird for wanting to go see it, but alas! My twin brother who happens to know a thing or two about outer space, went to go see it the day before me and said...and I quote, "My jaw was dropped the entire three hours of that movie." Now, to be honest, I thought he was exaggerating. He wasn't. I was having an anxiety attack - the good kind, if there is such a thing - throughout the entire movie. Literally, I was sitting on the edge of my seat with my mouth wide open. I haven't done that since I saw Gravity in IMAX 3D. Yeah, yeah, I know... Gravity was 'meh'. I would agree if I saw it in a normal movie theatre, but when I was sitting 10 feet from the screen and everything was in 3D, it did make me feel like I was in space. I thought that was pretty darn cool. Interstellar though, was by far the most exciting movie i've seen in a while. It is a thriller without some psychopath running around trying to kill someone. It is innovative, surprising, informative and to be honest, just really freaking cool. It's not everyday you can see (through computerized animation and whatever else they use these days) how a worm hole, or black hole would actually look in space. For real...they had Kip Thorne a world renowned astrophysicist help with the creation of the film. That's dedication. If I can watch a film and actually learn a thing or two about the theory of time and relativity and the idea that there could be a 4th and 5th dimension, then I guess it's worth the $15 dollars I spent going to see it. Now I can't stop looking up theories and reading articles on space. The movie sparked something that I already liked to learn about and really take it to another level. I wish I was smart enough to do research, or something on it, but maybe someday I'll just do PR releases for NASA (Hint Hint NASA).

Ps. I just want to throw it out there, that having brothers and watching Star Wars probably sparked my interest.. I also asked a guy at a bar if he could name 5 characters from Star Wars and then he could have my number - he couldn't do it. Laughing out loud... Fun facts everyone, fun facts.

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