Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Packing for Paris

9 days and counting! I can't believe I will be off to Europe in just a few days. I still don't think my brain is comprehending everything because although I am nervous about leaving the States and being engulfed into a country where they speak a different language, I am bouncing off the walls with excitement! It's true that you have to be a certain kind of person to want to study abroad, to want to go and immerse yourself in a different culture and I'm proud that I am among friends and others who chose to travel this coming spring semester. I've heard, "but aren't you afraid you are going to miss out on things next semester?", more than I've like to have heard...HELLO PEOPLE there is a entire world to go out and see!! I am lucky that I will be already making a 3 day trip to London, England and then a 2 weeks long stay in Cannes, France ( it's 65 degrees there! Hooray!! Beats the -25 here in Chicago) even before I head to Paris. I'll probably end up not wanting to leave both places -especially London where everyone has brilliant accents. Jamie & Mackenzie if you're reading I will be taking to the train to see you!! I'm not sure where I am living yet in Paris, so keep your fingers crossed they are just as lovely as I hope and they think I'm lovely as well. I'll keep you updated with all my amazing photos of the places I find and go! 

Lastly, thanks mom and dad for letting me live my dream so early on in life. The experiences I have are going to last me a lifetime. 

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