Monday, January 20, 2014

Cheers from London!

Ello! Yes, this post is a bit overdue, but I have finally managed to settle down to manage a post. London was great when I visited January 17th-19th; did all the touristy things I could possibly do (see above). Coming from a larger city like Chicago it didn't overwhelm me as much, which I really enjoyed. What I enjoyed most about it was the beautiful buildings and history it contained within the city. Big Ben you have to see for yourself because not only is it truly magnificent, it literally sparkles (and that says a lot considering London's unfortunate weather situation.) We took a typical double decker bus tour, an architecture boat tour, saw Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, went to Picadilly Circus and went into an art museum. It was a lot to do in just one day! 
For the 48ish hours I was there I was able to manage to see Mackenzie who resides in Camden Town, this hip little town north of where I was staying (I think) in South Kensington. Two other girls in my group and I went on the tube to get there, which may I say it incredibly easy after you get the hang of it. We got turned around the first time, but give us a break! It was our first time! Camden Town is kind of how I would have pictured London's nightlife to be. We went on a bar crawl that happened to be going on and after our first bar, we hopped over to a place called the Stables. Yes, as in horse stables. It was an old stable that is now transformed into a nightclub/bar with a different kind of room in each stable. Pretty cool, eh? 

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  1. I would like to come back to London :'(



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