Sunday, October 20, 2013

My Life in a Picture

So, right now I'm having a hard time figuring out where I want to go to study abroad... 

Paris or Florence?
Florence or Paris?

My whole life I have wanted to go to Paris and be exactly like that girl in the painting. 
& if those Louboutin's want to magically appear, i'm not complaining.

The study abroad program would have me studying at the University of Paris IV - Sorbonne and I would live in with a host family. 
& that's where I lose interest. 
I've heard so many horror stories of people living with host families over in Europe and having the worst experience. 
With Florence I would be going with two other girls I know and live in a apartment, travel would be easier hopping country to country on the weekend, and I would always have people to go explore with.     

What is the drawback then you might ask? Well, isn't there a saying - Paris is always a good idea?
I keep thinking. and thinking. and thinking. 


I know the decision I choose is forever going to change my life, just like my middle school principle used to say every morning after announcements. 

"The decisions you make today, shape your world tomorrow." 

Well tomorrow is right now & I am the worst person at making decisions. 


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