Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Vince Camuto Sequin Booties

 Living in a sorority house has its perks... and one of them happen to be these Vince Camuto black sequin booties. Before my friend even pulled them out of the box to show me, she hesitated. Why? She thought they might be too "avant garde." I say, hell no! These shoes are awesome, for many, many reasons, and are also easily wearable. For those of you think they might be too "avant garde" esque, a simple black top and a pair of skinny jeans would rock these shoes -so don't let them scare you away!

Now, -like my friend did- she wore these for New Years. Totally perfect shoe for NYE. If we are going to keep them into the winter a little longer I say sequin shoes are pushing it if we go past February into March. Don't you agree?

I then went on to tell her how I really would like to own a pair of heels with feathers on them... too avant garde? I THINK NOT!

Alexander McQueen does feather shoes --> 

But...I probably won't be buying them anytime soon since i'm in college, and getting beer spilt on my feather shoes would look like Big Bird drowning... awkward & gross.

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  1. They are just perfect.... both of these.... not avant-garde for the fashion community I guess.... but for a regular chap... maybe. Eye catchy and awesome all the same.

    Swati @ The Creative Bent

  2. Amaziiiing, and yes the moment I saw them I thought: this is perfect for NYE!

    xx MJ

  3. Those shoes are pretty amazing, kind of crazy and fabulous at the same time!

  4. Amazing shoes!! :)
    With love,
    Miriam (http://varios-angulos.blogspot.pt/)

  5. Oh wow! AMAZING shoes!! Soooo beautiful!! :)

  6. great post!


  7. These are AMAZING!

  8. wow- these heels are flipping amazing!



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