Saturday, February 9, 2013

Perfect Shade of Lipstick

My best friend, Kristy (shown in all photos above), and I were hanging out a few days ago, and I had to do a project for my multimedia class called "seeing red". Well of course my brain goes right to bright red lips. So...I asked her to put some red lip stain on as well as some red lipstick, and...voila! I have a new post. The pictures I took eventually just became me taking them for all of you, instead of for my class. I've decided to turn them into "How to pick the perfect shade of lipstick" it goes.

Women with fair skin, and light hair (Like Kristy Shown): Stick with peaches, corals, light pinks, nudes and light reds.
Kristy is wearing: cover girl lip stain #440, and Maybelline lipstick "hooked on pink" #065

Fair Skin, and Dark hair (Like me!): I try to stick with dark pink's and dark reds, and even like to take out my plum colors oolala!

Medium skin and light hair: Bright colors! bright pinks, and oranges, and nudes look great on you! (Try MAC snob)

Medium skin and dark hair: nudes, browns, and occasionally light pinks.

Dark skin, dark hair: You can try a multitude of different things. try to avoid dark reds, mauves, plums, and go for medium tinted reds and pinks. If you want to amp it up try some light pink/nudes or even orange!

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  1. Love those shades!

    xx MJ

  2. Ok I love your blog! I follow you now.
    I love these photos, great job. I have fair skin and dark hair too but whenever I try and wear red (i love it..BUT) I feel like it makes my face look huge!! Do you ever have this issue? I definitely want to try some dark pinks though :)

    Angela @ the Lovely Cup

  3. lovely lip color
    Instagram: Cmichellestyles

  4. I love red lipsticks! My ultimate favorite is "Rouge Artist Intense" by MAKEUP FOREVER! :) xx


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    Avec Amber

    Thanks so much!



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