Thursday, April 18, 2013

Courage is Grace Under Pressure: BOOK REVIEW

I finished Grace Coddington's Memoir and here is the review like I promised.

This may seem strange, but although I found myself really enjoying the memoir, after so many pages I kept falling asleep! I don't know if it was me, or the places I decided to read it, but I literally could not read more than maybe 10 pages at a time. 

But don't get me wrong, I LOVED THE BOOK

The best part was before I fell asleep I had some fantastique dreams of being Grace in her fabulous, life, flying in planes hopping the channel for lunch in Paris -with her extremely handsome boyfriend à la moment-, being able to stand up to Anna Wintour's wrath, and of course her indigenous modeling career that started when she was so young. 

The book was very well written, and as you read you can tell that she is satisfied with the life she leads - I mean who wouldn't be-. Secretly, I think she really, truly, likes the fact that she is becoming more and more well known (even if she says she doesn't). Not in a cocky way though. As I read further and further into the memoir, I kept daydreaming of her life. Although she grew up roughly and paid her dues, her life was (and still is) so glamourous. She throws out names like Manolo Blahnik like nothing. 
I thought I envied Anna Wintour... but it seems that maybe I have been charmed by Grace even more. 

Her story shows how far she has come, the achievements that have been bestowed upon her, and exactly how much she likes...cats. 


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Grace's sketches from the book!
Left: "My favorite YSL Look"
Right: cats, cats & more cats in designer looks. 

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