Monday, November 18, 2013

A Love Affair with Modernity

Sometimes when we think about fashion through the decades, we get caught up into thinking about the boisterous themes of how society perceived that tiny speck in time. I was reading through my journalism book and came across this quote:

"The 1920s were generally prosperous times. Most enjoyed a previously unequaled standard of living. It was the age in which public pleasure was a lesser sin than the Victorian Era. Victorian repression and modesty gave way to to a somewhat more open sexuality and a love affair with modernity."

I, of course, had to write down the quote because of my love affair with early years of the 1920s and the Victorian Era. In addition to the fact that I think about how people act and dress today, and want to stab my eyes out with a fork. And I'm not saying I haven't been prone to the whole leggings trend, because I have...The wonder I have though is for how our future generations will behave - I can't even. Maybe times will change and we will perhaps be more conservative? LOL. But, what happens if we don't?  

Creative Director John Stingley elaborates:

"The basic motivations of people never change. That's why Shakespeare is still relevant today. Human history pretty much boils down to the influence of love, sex, greed, hunger and insecurity."

I'd like to think Shakespeare could be wrong, but honestly he pretty much nailed that one on the head.  

So... What do we do you guys!? All I have to say to our generation is that we better be some kind of awesome children raisers...because the stuff I see & hear little kids saying, doing and dressing today is wayyy beyond how we acted as kids. Maybe instead of having a love affair with modernity, we should all take a step back and look at how the past can make the future better. 

Think on that over your grande, decaf, triple five-pump, vanilla, non-fat, no foam, whipped cream, extra hot, extra carmel, upside down carmel machiatto.

Did I mention velvet and plaid are coming back? Even if it is for a little... GO 90s! 

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