Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Interior decorating a college apartment

As all you younglings ponder about the difficulties of college life, I sit here typing this on my queen sized bed listening to Frank Sinatra's "Nice 'n Easy". I've just got off a phone call with my father about which study abroad program would be a better fit (Paris, obviously) and I just made that outstandingly delectable Pinterest recipe where you make cinnamon apples in a bag. I have one tab open on Google maps of 27 Rue Saint-Guillaume in Paris (the address of the University in Paris) and really can't help that I have a craving for a glass of good white wine. You see, I'm one of those "it has to be perfect" kind of people, and I don't have any shame in saying it. My parents might disagree by the way I leave my room at home, but here at school it's a totally different playing field. Here, there's nothing wrong with a kitchen that's too clean, making my bed every morning, going running before my 9:30 class, or listening to jazz music while getting ready to go out on the weekend. Yet, somehow, I've fallen into an alternate world where wearing Nike shorts, T-shirts and tennis shoes five days out of the week have become an overbearing burden that I used to enjoy. Is this what growing up is? If it is, I have just begun the honeymoon phase between loving real life and waiting for actually real life to happen. I never want it to end-- and if it just so happens to not end while i'm studying abroad over in Europe, I wouldn't be terribly mad. 
*as I typed that a French song "Seule Ce Soir" came on Pandora, so I'm assuming that it is a sign...

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