Thursday, July 18, 2013


Black Coffee

I've gotten into a phase where bold colors and bright pinks give me a headache. Blacks, tans and white are all I seem to be thinking about. Think that's boring? That's where you're wrong. See, a lot of people think adding more to your outfit gives it an edge. But I say, enough is enough! Lets go back to the classics. Simple jewelry, understated tops, basic silhouettes and classic makeup can give everyone a breath of fresh air when you step into a room. The best part? A classic look can never be dated. Hence, the LBD (little black dress). Of course there will always be different styles and fabrics to choose from, but there is nothing wrong with choosing a shift dress for any occasion (they are my favorite). This is why Chanel has lasted so long within the fashion industry, classic colors and basic styles will forever be the stem from where fashions branches extend. Look for this when you go shopping ladies. Personally I've learned you can have as many cute tops and different pairs of printed shorts and pants, but if you don't have the basics then you're going to be "that girl" that opens her closet full of clothes and says "I have nothing to wear." Don't be her.

Here are some basic pieces you should have in your closet at ALL times.

A white T-shirt
Black tank top & tube top
Crew neck shirt in black and white
Dark wash skinny jeans
Regular flair jeans (trust me)
Jean jacket
Fitted blazer
White button down
Collared sleeveless top in black, white or beige

My best friends (Left) Haley Packer & Taylor Goggin (Right) showing off how to wear a little black dress fashionably! 

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