Monday, March 18, 2013

A little pop of Emerald

 I'm back from what us college kids call "hell week", and I have to say that I am one of the lucky few who had my midterms a week in advance prior to Spring Break.

In spirit of the passing St. Patricks day, I have discovered some beautiful vintage earrings, and especially some incredible emerald flowers that look as if they could pass for four leaf clovers. If you haven't heard, emerald is the color of the upcoming fall season, which couldn't -in my opinion- be any more perfect. I love the rich, jewel color, and the way you can pair it with almost any other color to add an elegant touch. I found these earrings through my roommate who took them out on Saturday and explained they were her grandmothers. I about died since I am an advocate for vintage, well, vintage anything really. I am obsessed with the intricate detailing and ornamentation on the pearl earrings, and the flower earrings are so simple they could be paired with a white tank and worn to lunch after a day on the beach. -- Speaking of the beach... I am going to Gulf Shores for Spring Break at the end of this week. Jealous? Don't worry, I'll take plenty of pictures that will keep you entertained. :)

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