Tuesday, February 26, 2013

City Life

This bit is an adventure post. 
(The photos were taken at different points in time on my many trips into the city. )
 This is a mix of going to the Art Institute, as well as going for High Tea at the Drake; both exquisitely beautiful, and equally unique in their own way. The restaurant Mon Ami Gabi shown, i've only heard great reviews about, and personally cannot wait to go to Lincoln Park and try the food by Executive Chef Ben Goodnick! 

The painting i've fallen in love with.
The name of the artist has been lost in my memory.

Mon Ami Gabi 

Wedding Photo in the middle of State Street? How peculiar...fedoras?

Yummy desserts at high tea

Top of the Trump Tower 


  1. These photos are great! You look so cute.

  2. Nice photos!

    xx MJ


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