Monday, January 21, 2013

My, oh my! Makeup!

This is my catastrophe of makeup that I use (almost) everyday. For some it may be a lot, for others is might be nothing at all!

Here is what I do: (Simple Version)

After getting out of the shower, I immediately go to my Moroccan oil. I pour out about a quarter sized dot in my palm then run it through my damp hair. It smells AMAZING & makes your hair so silky smooth you are going to wonder why you never tried it before. Don't use it toward the top of your hair, only use at the ends & tips, then brush it through thoroughly.

Next: I swear by Clinique. My mother used it and looks 10 years younger than she really is.  First, I use Clinique Turnaround Concentrate. It is a face gel moisturizer that -supposedly- turns over cells to rejuvenate them. I can't see my cells being turned over, but it does make my face feel quenched and silky smooth! My skin isn't beautifully airbrushed, so yes, I do have blemishes! Although, when I use Clinique redness solution they disappear like they were never even there. I also use - before applying face makeup- the pore refining solution. It is basically a thick creamy, cream that you only use a LITTLE bit of around your T-Zone where your pores are more prominent, and then it's like magic they disappear and your makeup goes on perfectly!

After correcting, I go on to my Bare Minerals. I have recently stopped going tanning, and actually had no idea what my real skin color was. So, I had to go get all new face makeup and get matched. I now use Bare Minerals Fairly Medium, instead of Fairly Tan.

Last, NAKED eye shadow in naked, and a swipe of my Too Faced Mascara and i'm done!

( My review on TooFaced Mascara here )
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  1. Lovely blog! :)

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  2. Hey, I've just nominated you for The Liebster Award as one of the best new bloggers I am following. Check out my Blog!

  3. Love hearing about your routine! I'm also a big fan of Clinique!


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