Friday, January 25, 2013

Floral Pants

I'm back at school now! So doing posts will be a challenge trying to juggle with being social, and also school work. It is also an issue getting a good background in my room in the sorority house for excuse the teddy bear in the background (his name is Jingles).

The floral leggings are wonderful, I think everyone should have some sort of a patterned pant, it's a great way to change up an outfit. I'm also short, and these actually make me look taller and leaner so it's a win win! 
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  1. Really love these! Great post :)
    BTW I just nominated your blog for the Liebster award! I mentioned you on my blog, and you can find more info on this award on my blog! :)

    <3 CC

  2. Love these trousers, nice print :) x

  3. Cute outfit. :D

    xx MJ


  4. Cool idea for a post, and your Wholesale Pants choices echo your day-wear wardrobe!

  5. This romantic style plants are found everywhere.I know when some of you think of floral pants, you may be thinking of your friend and her old school pants from Lord knows when, but floral pants are hot now.
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