Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Fashion Experiment.

Just like painters, or sculptors who like to make beautiful works out of different mediums, I consider fashionable people artists. 

We all take time to figure out what way an outfit would look best, mixing different colors and patterns until it looks either crazy enough, - but right - or perfectly simple in its own way. Currently, I work seasonally at Vera Bradley. What i've noticed from the women who work there - no offense to them - is that for whatever reason they cannot seem to dress fashionably. 

One day I wore black sequin shorts with tights, and a striped gold and black shirt with a leather jacket. I have never had so many people look at me. Listen, I know the outfit was more than what some people would wear. I was guessing they were just oogling. But who was I to make that assumption? For all I know they could have hated the outfit. So, I did what any journalist does best and decided to make a story out of it. This is what happened: 

I dressed in one of the worst outfits I could have possibly dressed up in. Which was hard since I don't believe I own anything ugly (and trust me, this was harder than you think). SO... I went into work, and BEHOLD no stares. sigh. I was in the mix of the "everyday wear" that I so rightfully try to avoid. Yet, comments started with one of my fellow co-workers. "I really liked your outfit you had on the other day with the sparkly shorts." Then more came about what I wore the other days, such as how I did my makeup when I had the dark lipstick on. 

I came to the conclusion that maybe wearing something more approachable made the women at ease to ask about my style, and maybe, just maybe the way I dressed intimidated some at the workplace. This put a smile on my face. 

But then I remembered.... everyone at a Condé Nast Publication will dress 10000000000 times crazier, better, and wilder than I can even imagine. So I better step it up another notch, no?


  1. That was a sweet experiment idea! I agree with you though that having a stylish outfit can make you seem approachable. Also, it gives a more professional appearance and I think people will be more likely to believe your word (about anything) just because you are well dressed. It makes you seem more educated in a way I think.

  2. Ha, I just realized I read that last part wrong, either way I think the women probably love to see what you wear each day. Personal style can be very inspirational

    1. haha, it was so strange! the more average i dressed the more approachable i became. I guess that makes sense though. But, you're right. if you dress to impress, more people will look to you as a professional and believe you're word against the girl wearing the ugly blue sweater ;)


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